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NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields) and NeRF in the Wild using pytorch-lightning

Author of this implementation

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Quei-An Chen (kwea123). Original author and photo credits: Ben Mildenhall (bmild)

What can NeRF do?

360 degree view synthesis

Colored 3D mesh reconstruction (photogrammetry)

We can generate real colored mesh that allows the object to interact with other physical objects.

Real time volume rendering in Unity

Volume rendering is a technique that doesn’t require “real object”. The model you see here is composed of rays, so we can cut off parts to see internal structures, also perform deforming effect in real time.

Mixed reality in Unity (doesn’t work on FireFox, please use Chrome)

Accurate depth allows us to embed virtual object inside real scenes with correct z-order.


I also have tutorials on how to achieve above results using google colab:

Call for contribution

If you are expert in Unity and know how to make more visual appealing effects for the models shown above, feel free to contact me! I can share my code and data with you, and put your name on my github page!